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I’m Sabrina, Isabella’s New Healing Partner, Shamanic Practitioner, and Tarot Coach

Hello, future friends. My name is Sabrina, and I am joining Isabella’s practice. I want to tell you a bit about who I am and why I’m here.  Over two years ago I walked into Isabella’s office because I was exhausted all the time, I struggled with a demanding job, and my love life was undergoing a huge change.  I needed a big boost of insight, assistance, and HELP!

As a 3rd Degree Wiccan Priestess, I knew how much Reiki could help.  I was comfortable receiving energy healing, and was also a 2nd Degree Reiki practitioner.  I had plenty of experience using different kinds of energy in teaching, healing, and magic.  I understood how much it could support me.

But even though I had lived among gifted energy healers for decades, my new job demanded so many hours and so much attention that I had no time or energy to gather with them.  And after decades of teaching personal growth workshops and classes for the magically inclined, I suddenly found that I had no juice left to teach. To make matters worse, I was driving to Maryland one or two weekends a month to train with a shamanic healer I respected, and I had *no idea* why I felt so compelled to do this on top of everything else.

I was sad, tired, and overwhelmed.  And then I met Isabella.

Immediately, I knew she was going to become very important.  I felt such a strong resonance with her! I trusted in her goodness, and when she put her hands on me, her Reiki blew me away.  The powerful rush of energy I felt radiating from her hands felt like thundering rain in a parched desert. And even though I had spent most of my adult life giving and receiving energy from talented healers, this energy felt more powerful than anything I’d ever received from one person alone.

Right away, I told her who I was: a Wiccan teacher, leader, and a Buddhist meditator.  I explained that I had spent my whole adult life running classes for people who wanted to develop their spiritual gifts. I shared that I felt a calling to work with other healers, and I’d spent years helping to guide two totally different healing tribes. This had been some of the most rewarding work of my life.  Still, I knew that right now I was supposed to to pause and do something else: my day-to-day job. I knew this job would be important for several more years, and I was deeply committed to doing it. I also explained to Isabella that I was training with the Gryphon’s Grove School of Shamanism in Maryland on some weekends.

Isabella asked if I would consider trading my skills for hers, and I agreed. I knew that I needed her help to get through the next intense period, and I was happy to trade my coaching and Tarot skills for her help and support.  For the next two years, I saw her once or twice a month. She kept me alive and kicking as my life's energy poured into my job and my shamanic training. In return, I offered her insights, opened up some new healing possibilities, and used Tarot to guide her in meeting her own challenges.

We helped each other: the Empath and the Priestess, both healers, both called to work with intuitives/potential healers, each needing someone who could truly understand and help her.

Early on, I dreamed of collaborating with Isabella, but I believed my job would not allow it. And although I’d worked with empaths and intuitives for decades, I’d never tried to teach people who were brand new to their own healing potential and just a little curious about the spiritual side of life.  But the Universe---or whatever you call Spirit---had its own plans for me.

About a year ago, my job began to transform.  I began to see that my time there would be over within a few years.  I realized that I needed to prepare for a very different kind of life---a new calling. As I felt the change begin to happen, people I trusted began confirming what my Tarot cards and energetic senses were already telling me: a Big Shift was almost here, and I needed to get ready. Isabella knew it, too, and she kept telling me that this change would be among the most rewarding of my life. 

Over time, I realized that I would be collaborating with her. I would use all the skills I had learned over 2+ decades of building multiple spiritual and academic traditions.  Today, I’ve committed to teaching Isabella’s students. Right now, I am working in Isabella ‘s office—and it’s suddenly my office, too. I see the people she sends to me two or three Fridays a month. I am holding two-hour Tarot coaching sessions, and where it is appropriate and time allows, I add in short “boosts” of additional shamanic healing.  These are not always appropriate—I am discovering that I need to evaluate each person’s needs carefully and see what healing modalities serve that person best.

Please see my upcoming posts, which will appear every Tuesday on this blog, to learn more about shamanic healing and what it can do (and I will also write about what it can’t do).  Here, I’ll teach you a little about Tarot coaching, and what it is best for. If you are interested in seeing me, you can email Isabella at  or text her to see my current appointment schedule.  She will forward it to you and you can choose a time slot that works well for you. If no available time slots work and you are strongly committed, you can always request a special appointment.  In addition to this one-on-one work, I will also begin co-teaching classes with Isabella this spring and summer, and at some point, I will begin doing joint healing sessions with her as well.

What I love most about this new path is that I have a friend and collaborator who understands me and shares my mission.  I am no longer working alone. Together, we want to find, nurture, and guide the next generation of empaths and intuitives, and help each one become the unique healer that she/he is meant to be.  You could say that we want to heal and train the people who will help make this world a better place.

Take care and flourish,


Upcoming Posts:
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