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In my practice, I guide individuals on a profound healing journey of self-discovery, balance, and spiritual connection.

 Energy Shaman practices infuse my sessions with the essence of the Andes, while Reiki provides a channel for universal life force energy. As a Reiki Master and Teacher, I empower others to explore and harness their innate healing abilities.

As an Intuitive Empath, I attune to the subtle energies present in each session, offering a personalized and intuitive approach to your healing journey. Serving as a Conscious Channel, I facilitate communication with higher realms, allowing for guidance and insights to flow through. Additionally, as a QHHT Practitioner, I incorporate transformative hypnosis techniques to explore past experiences and enhance healing.

​**Explanation of services as applies to each session:

  • Reiki Energy Healing  is used to help clear and balance all levels of the body including, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  It promotes relaxation and calm. Energy healing assists and accelerates the bodies natural ability to heal itself.

  • Talk Therapy includes discussion of any present life challenges and concerns you may be experiencing.  

  • Intuitive guidance with Channelled messages assists with helping you evaluate where you are in your life at a deeper soul level to gain clarity and understanding of your present life challenges with assistance from a higher spiritual source.

  • Sound therapy tools as guided may be used during the session (rattles, bells, tuning forks, crystal singing bowls) to aid in balancing and realignment while moving through blockages in the body.  

    • Tuning Forks: Facilitate balance and harmony in the body's energy centers.

    • Crystal Singing Bowls: Induce deep relaxation and promote healing on a cellular level.

    • Drums and Rattles: Grounding and rhythmic, enhancing focus and release.

    • Bells: Clear stagnant energy and promote a sense of clarity and peace.

Pink Sugar

Talk Therapy, Intuitive Guidance and Reiki Energy Healing

(2 hrs - $220)

This 2 hrs healing session is recommended for First Timers wishing to experience and receive energy healing and guidance.

Included in this session: Talk therapy, Intuitive guidance , Reiki Energy healing  and Sound therapy. 

(see above for explanation of services and tools used during the session)

Talk Therapy and Intuitive Guidance

90 mins @ $170

This session is recommended  as an additional tool to assist and continue to guide clients  who have already begun their Spiritual Journey. 


 During this session talk therapy and intuitive guidance will be provided. 


This session will help you connect deeper on a soul level to find meaning and understanding in what your human experience represents for you in this lifetime. 

This session does not include Reiki energy exchange.



(see above for explanation of services and tools used during the session)


45 minutes @ $75
60 minutes @ $100




Remote Reiki energy exchange

any channelled messages,  and Oracle card message for further guidance.

You will receive a summary of findings either by text, email, whatsapp or audio report of the Remote Reiki session.

no communication during session

Reiki Energy Healing

(90 mins - $170)

This 90 minute energy healing session is recommended for client's who have already experienced Reiki energy healing. 


Included in this 90 minute session:

Intuitive guidance and Energy healing .

In addition, sound therapy tools may be used during the session (rattles, bells, sound bowls, tuning forks).


(see above for explanation of services and tools used during the session)

Reiki Healing
for  Empathic Starseeds and highly SENSITIVE 

9 - 12 yrs old - (45 mins @ $75)
13 - 16 yrs old  - (75 mins @ $100)

17-19 yrs old -  (90 mins @ $120)

What is Reiki for Empathic Starseeds, and HSP Children and Teens?  Reiki for Empathic Starseeds, and HSP children and teens is a safe and non-invasive energy healing practice designed to support the unique needs of young minds and sensitive souls who often feel deeply connected to the energies of the universe.


This holistic approach combines gentle touch or hands over the body with focused intention to balance and harmonize the recipient's energy centers, also known as chakras.  Sound Therapy may  also be used during the session.

(see above for explanation of services and tools used during the session)

Remote Reiki and Talk Therapy 

90 mins @ $160
2 hrs @ $210

Embrace the flexibility and comfort of healing from your own space.  Perfect for those times when you can't visit the office, these sessions are a convenient option during inclement weather, for interim healing between office visits, or for continued care amidst COVID-19 concerns.


Talk therapy, intuitive guidance and a distance Reiki energy exchange.   You will also receive an oracle message for additional guidance. 

  • Benefits: Emotional clarity, stress relief, energetic balance, and insightful self-discovery.

  • Flexibility: Ideal for busy schedules, health safety, or simply when you need quick access to healing.

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Pink Sugar

I have been going to Isabella since 2019. Not only has Isabella helped me become more in touch with my gifts and myself, Isabella has also helped me on my healing journey and helped me work through the different life changes I’ve experienced. If you’re looking for healing, understanding yourself, or are just curious about the services Isabella offers, I recommend her!

Amanda Salierno

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