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(Twin Flames, Soul mates, Significant Others, Marriage, Pre-marital, Beloved)
(2 1/2 hrs)



Throughout my years as an Energy Healing Therapist and Teacher/Intuitive Empath and Spiritual Guidance Coach, I have worked with many and have assisted couples and relationships on an individual basis. I am now being guided to provide deeper healing by combining Spiritual guidance, my Intuitive Gifts and Energy healing and begin working with couples and relationships together in a Couples Healing session.

 I feel that many find solace and understanding when they can express openly all of their fears, struggles and challenges in a safe place.

This session is recommended as an additional tool to assist and continue to guide couples who are beginning or have already begun their Spiritual Journey.


It is also recommended that couples who have decided to try this Spiritual route of healing must both agree that they are willing and ready to work together to improve their relationship.


Both Partners must be in agreement and committed to working together for this process to truly work.



Individuals who have not had a healing session with me will need to schedule a (2 hr) healing session prior to scheduling a Couples Healing session. 

 ( I prefer to work with each partner on an individual basis before providing Spiritual guidance and Energy healing as a couple).



This session has been created to assist couples and relationships in beginning or continuing their journey of healing and self discovery. Once we can understand where disharmony on all levels has been created we then can continue the healing journey at a new level of awareness. As we create harmony within, we then begin to create harmony within our relationship

Most emotional blocks and imbalances are created through our own personal experiences as well as, past life and generational wounding which if left unhealed will create disharmony within yourself  and within a relationship. I believe that we need to be in harmony with ourselves before we can create harmony within any relationship.


This session will help each couple become aware of the underlying cause(s) of imbalance in their relationship on a soul level. In addition, the Couples Healing session will help each partner find meaning and understanding in how their life experiences have directly or indirectly contributed to the disharmony in their relationship and what is needed to bring about balance and harmony.


What’s Included in the Couples Healing session?

Spiritual guidance and Energy healing is included in the session. Spiritual guidance will include discussions with both partners together in which they will receive an opportunity to express their challenges, fears, needs in order to feel safe, secure and loved as well as any disharmony they are experiencing within their relationship.


Following the initial Spiritual Guidance discussion you will then be instructed to lay down together on a floor mat in which the Energy healing will begin. Laying together on a floor mat creates a sense of deeper connection and intimacy within each partner. 

 Each will hold hands as the healing energy is transmitted. In the process each may begin to experience subtle flows of high vibrational all encompassing loving energy on all levels, which will help unite both partners at the heart level. The high vibrational frequency of healing energy will flow throughout your mind, body and spirit while clearing and rebalancing your energy centers creating a sense of peace, belonging, safety and alignment.


In addition, if guided I will also be incorporating sound therapy using bells, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks etc. as well as clearing energy with sage or palo santos.




 It is important to understand that although this process will help each partner to gain a better understanding of themselves as well as their significant other while providing an opportunity for each to express their needs and wants; it also will bring many truths to the surface.

 With truth will come discomfort and uncomfortability which can surface as resentment, anger, sadness etc. 

 It is important to allow your emotions to surface in order to begin the cleansing and healing process.

Showing a commitment to healing and growth for yourself and for your partner will help you evolve and move forward in a positive, peaceful, loving way.

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