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Beyond relaxation, the benefits of Reiki are:

  • Supports the body's natural ability to heal itself;

  • Changes unwanted habits;

  • Reduces anxieties and panicky behavior;

  • Relief of pain and stress;

  • Re-balances the energy centers in the body and spirit;

  • Brings the body into harmony by releasing physical and emotional blockages;

  • Assists us in letting go of the aspects within our lives that negatively impact us;

  • Helps overcome mental and emotional obstacles;

  • Helps the grief process run its course in a calmer or less painful way;

  • Promotes a state of total relaxation;

  • Releases toxins, clearing our bodies of impurities and stagnant energies;

  • Speeds up recovery from surgery or long-term illness;

  • Helps in adjusting to medicine/treatment, by reducing side-effects. (i.e., Chemo-therapy patients who received Reiki noticed a marked decrease in side effects from treatment);

  • Can help you deal with special situations in your life such as exams, job interviews, divorce, career changes, family illness, grief; heartache, etc.;

  • Helps in spiritual growth

Each person is unique. Each Reiki experience and healing time varies from person to person. It all depends on the healing an individual needs.

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