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Energy Healing Therapist/Spiritual Guidance Coach

My name is Isabella and I am an Intuitive Empath and Reiki Master and Teacher and

Spiritual Guidance Coach.


My Mission is to help you "AWAKEN" to your "TRUTH."


My mission is to help you retrieve the lost fragments of your soul and to assist you in bringing about balance, mental clarity, physical well-being, awareness and assist you with becoming your Authentic self.


Each experience in our "lifetime or lifetimes" good or bad assists in our "soul's evolution".  I believe we are all connected in some way and each person that shows up and every situation that we go through in our lives serves a bigger purpose.


When we become balanced and in alignment with self, we then experience a new-found wholeness and knowing of who we truly are, we only need to be reminded of that TRUTH.

I have completed Reiki levels I through Master Teacher training in the Usui system of natural healing.


I offer Reiki healing, Remote Reiki healing, Reiki training, Spiritual Guidance, Shamanic Healing, Sound Therapy and ZOOM healing sessions.


 I also offer Spiritual Guidance and Energy healing  for Couples.


In addition, I have completed training and I am certified in QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique).

  This is a form of Past Life regression that was discovered by Dolores Cannon.


 I offer QHHT Past Life regression as an additional healing tool used to help clients get to a deeper soul core connection with themselves as they continue on their journey of self discovery. 

(COMING 2024)


 QHHT offers clients the ability to travel through time where they will be taken back to the most “appropriate time and place” in which the challenges, fears, anxieties etc. that they may struggle with in this lifetime are shown to them as experiences and lessons that they need to learn and heal.  It is an opportunity to directly connect to our Subconscious, Higher consciousness all knowing source of unlimited knowledge waiting to be discovered about our Truth.


 This technique helps us to learn, heal and release the parts of us that have remained suppressed, repressed throughout lifetimes that may be affecting us on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level in our current life.  


In addition, I have also been initiated into and received the 9 Rites of the MUNAY ( universal love) KI (energy). The Munay Ki Rites have connected me to my inner shaman allowing me to awaken and connect to the ancient wisdom of healing our Luminous body on the initiatory practices of the shamans and medicine people of the Andes and the Amazon. 


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