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May, 2019

Words cannot express my sincere gratitude to Isabella. Me, coming from a lost and confused state; she helped me find my light, my strength, my purpose and my new self! Was never a sceptic nor a beloved; today I'm the strongest believer now, Isabella's "distant Reki" and this being approximately "300 miles" away in Canada has worked and I am living proof! Her warm guidance, encouragement and instilling self belief is profound! I am forever indebted to Isabella; she has guided me into making the best version of myself. Thank you a million Isabella

Hersh - Ontario, Canada

Mar 28, 2019

It's the best experience. Isabella is amazing, knowledgeable, and spot on. Cidalia

Feb 4, 2019

Truly positive experience, I felt so comfortable and relaxed after the session. Jennifer B.

Jan 28, 2019

This reiki session was amazing. I left feeling balanced and like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Recommend wholeheartedly! Kassandra S.

Isabella is an amazing person and reiki practitioner. I feel I have received more healing and more insight from this session than any other therapy session with a psychologist. I view her as a spiritual therapist. She goes to the root cause of your problem and she could pick up my energy and tell me what was wrong right away. Thank you so much

Evelyn - March 30 2018

She’s just amazing. I’ve been studying a lot about chakras for the past few months and saw that Reiki is one of the ways to start the healing process. It was great! She connects with you, make sure you understand what’s going on and answers completely any questions that you have about the process. I’ll be going back Eboni - March 24 2018

Absolutely amazing. Very professional and authentic. Tiffany - March 14, 2018

I don't think I've ever written a review but I just had to share my amazing experience with Reiki by Isabella. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!! There are no words to describe what a beautiful session I experienced. You must go see for yourself! I can't wait to go again. Keren

I've been to Isabella twice now. The first time was about 6 months ago and honestly I was skeptical. But she is excellent, after an hour with her I felt more relaxed, open, and happier. I left in a higher energy state which I didn't think could happen so quickly. Isabella is kind, a great listener, and provides excellent direction for life. Went back now and couldn't be happier. Thank you!! Michael F.

Isabella is amazing! She really took the time to teach me everything there is to know about Reiki and is very articulate and is an expert in her craft. I felt much better after the session and she explained to me what she picked up on with me once we were finished. Wasn't rushed and I felt bad because she probably overextended herself with me as far as time. Fantastic experience! Brian

She's an amazing Reiki healer. She's highly intuitive and very informative and full of an endless supply of positive energy! I highly recommend her! Edgar

Isabella was amazing. She is a sweetheart and very down to earth. Never had done anything like this and went in fairly skeptical but she explained everything and the thing is after the session I walked out in a completely better mood. I was more relaxed, happy, and felt at ease. Even though it is not required, I am definitely looking to going back for another session. Plus she was never pushy but instead just always made me feel comfortable. Thank you! Michael F.

Isabella was such a pleasure! I was a bit nervous as this was my first Reiki session. Also nervous about releasing all the weight I've been carrying. However, Isabella made me feel very comfortable and was a joy to chat with. The tears immediately began to fall as we had our initial conversation. The Reiki session itself was incredible and I look forward to another with Isabella again :-) Canesha

An exhilirating experience, I found myself in a relaxed meditative state. You just let yourself go without reservation, without conscious thought. I've been receiving Reiki treatments from Isabella since December, and I find myself calmer and able to sleep better at night. I also had a pelvic injury and I found that the Reiki treatments helped me focus and heal faster.

When I first started Reiki, I wasn't sure what to expect, but now that I have been going regularly I feel a difference in many things in my life. I find myself handling certain situations differently; things that would stress me out normally I don't let bother me anymore. I feel more at peace with myself. It is one of the most relaxing experiences and I look forward to my sessions each time. I look forward to the positive changes in my life as they continue to occur with the assistance of Reiki.      Maria

When I was introduced to Reiki I wasn’t sure what to think about it. But I’m always willing to try something once. I’m thankful that I did try it. The last few years have been quite challenging for me both emotionally and physically. Add to that my Type A personality and I am a hot mess. I started Reiki a few months ago and the changes in me are amazing. I’ve had a true awakening of my mind, body and spirit. On a physical level, I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and there are days where it is very painful to move. Since starting Reiki, I have fewer of those painful days.

On an emotional/spiritual level, Reiki has taught me how to look at things in a more positive way, how to remain calm during stressful/emotional times and how to reach that meditative state where I can fully embrace the positive changes that are taking place within me. Everyone experiences something different from Reiki. Personally, I can actually feel the negative “blocks” leaving my body. It’s an amazing experience. I look forward to every session because I know I will feel a little bit better every time. Since Reiki became a part of my life I’ve found an inner strength that I didn’t think I had. If you are ready for a change for the better in your life, Reiki with Isabella is the way to go. Thank you Isabella for all of the work you are doing with me to help to keep me grounded and moving forward in a positive way. You are the best!!!     Lynn

One of the best experiences I've had. Nothing but positivity! Can't wait to go again. Richy are special and thank you for the positive you bring to my life. Everyone is lucky to have found you in their life too! Lisa

Thank you Isabella for an amazing experience!!! When I approached you about Reiki I truly had no idea what it was all about. I was ready, ready to let go, ready for change, but I wasn't quite sure how Reiki could help. You took the time to explain to me the process and its healing powers. I walked into the first session with doubt, fear and pain ......... I walked out with hope, clarity and a much lighter feeling. What an AMAZING experience! I look forward to more sessions with you as I continue on my journey in finding ME! Thank you for your love, support and sharing your gift!!


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